Tips to maintain vintage barn door hardware


Using vintage barn door hardware is an excellent way to add a unique style to the sliding door in your house. It can elevate the interior of your house and also optimise the space at the same time. Vintage barn door hardware is the best way to add warmth, design and elegance to your home.

The best thing about using vintage barn door hardware is that they allow you to experiment with the look of your house. They are so versatile that you can create a contemporary or vintage style or even a fusion of two around them. However, no matter what choice of style you make with vintage barn door hardware, you will have to work on its maintenance to keep the elegance and beauty alive.

Vintage Barn Door Hardware
vintage barn door hardware

Maintaining vintage barn door hardware is not a hard task at all. It is as easy as maintaining other things in your home, if you do them in the most desirable way. Here is a list of things that you can do to make sure that the alluring beauty of these vintage barn door hardware remains everlasting:

  1. Use a soft rag to wipe the top of the door frames to remove any dirt sticking to them
  2. Always use a feather duster to remove dust from around the door frame.
  3. Make a strict regime to wipe the surface of the entire barn door with a mix of oil and soap. Use a soft rag to wipe and wipe in the direction of the grain to avoid appearance of ugly patches after the cleaning has been done.
  4. Use an all purpose cleaner to clean the barn door pulls. Remove all the dirt even from the corners and let it dry for some time.
  5. If you have a glass inset in the barn door, you can use a glass cleaner to add shine to it after removing dirt from it.
  6. Never use harsh and coarse rags to clean your vintage barn door hardware as it can cause rusting on them.
  7. Mineral acids and bleaches are very harsh and these can cause damage to the material of the hardware from inside out. Make sure that you never use such harsh material on your barn door and barn door hardware.
  8. If your door makes any sounds upon opening and closing, use olive oil in the hardware. This will also help in removing streaks and also eliminate all those fussy sounds.
  9. Dip a cloth in white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to clean the vintage barn door hardware every once in a while. This will keep the shine of the surface intact.
  10. You can use glass cleaners if your vintage barn door hardware is made from stainless steel. This will add shine to the look of the metal and keep it a new for a long time.

Vintage barn door hardware is a long term investment, so why would you want to compromise on the beauty of it by neglecting its maintenance. Use just the right kind of products for their cleaning and follow a fixed regime to take care of them. If you are looking for some professional assistance on maintaining the vintage barn door hardware, then you should get in touch with the expert team of Muller Designs NOW- They have the best German made designs at the most reasonable prices.