A vanity mirror is an essential piece in a bathroom. Women spend a lot of time in front of vanity mirror to do makeup, fix their hair, apply lotions, and other stuff. On the other hand, men also spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror while shaving and other grooming activities. Every bathroom has a different style, theme, and color scheme. The mirror that you loved at friend’s place may not look good in your bathroom. Choosing the right bathroom vanity mirror involves consideration of several factors. In this blog, you can find the important factors that you must take into account while choosing the perfect vanity mirror.


vanity mirror
A Perfect Vanity Mirror


  1. Size of the vanity

The first factor to consider is the size of the bathroom vanity. Choose a mirror whose size is similar to the size of vanity. For a small vanity go for a mirror that is equal or smaller in size compared to the bathroom vanity. For a large vanity, choose a big mirror which can occupy the whole area.


  1. Bathroom style

The second factor is the style of your bathroom. Don’t select a mirror that looks misplaced in the vanity. If your bathroom style is simple, then choose a simple mirror. However, if the theme is modern or rustic, then go for a decorative mirror.


  1. Wall Area

It is one of the most important factors that many people overlook. They just decide the size of the mirror according to the bathroom size. However, you must check the wall area where the mirror will be hung. The mirror should be placed at eye level, and it must reflect most of the person standing in front of it.

Pedestal sink

Use Pedestal sink in small bathrooms as it occupies minimal space. Space may be small, but you can always find ways to stamp it with your style. Following are some ideas to decorate a pedestal sink with the mirror.

  • Choose a statement mirror: If you have a narrow area, you can go with a mirror that brings different characters. Select a mirror that has elaborate carvings on the frame.
  • You can also have two pedestal sinks and hang two same mirrors next to them to create symmetry.
  • Create more space by hanging a tall mirror.

So these were some tips for choosing a perfect mirror for your bathroom vanity. There are some online stores like Muller Designs that offer top quality vanity mirrors at affordable prices. Check out their website to explore their vanity mirrors.


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Barn Door Hardware
Barn Door Hardware

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Barn Door
A Perfect Barn Door

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wooden sliding barn door
Wooden Barn Doors

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barn doors
Beautiful Barn Doors

Space-saving barn-style doors don’t break the bank and adding them to your house is a beautiful and functional update. Except the actual project, a barn door can be built on pricey wood and vintage metal fixtures without spending hundreds. Thankfully, Muller Designs have a complete list of all the options for to make your own beautiful barn-style sliding door or for the hardware for your DIY barn door. With a super tight budget if you’re on, then you can purchase a nice, custom, cheap wooden doors online from us. But if you’re really committed to the DIY project, then buying each of the specific parts and building your own doors is good to think about. Looking for Help, Call +1 323 678 6583.


Sliding Barn Doors – Things to Consider

barn doors
Barn Door

Barn Doors are a hot trend and are at its peak now. The craze for them shows no sign of slowing down. In addition to their powerful visual appeal, many homeowners specifically asking to add them to a design. The things to consider before sliding doors installation are:

  • Consider that you have enough space side to side before installing sliding doors.
  • Determine how much space you have for the track (top to bottom). A good approach is to allow space above the track to accommodate the hardware.
  • Consider the door size, side to side. to fit a door, set fridge little less than the overall length of space.

For assistance, call us at +1 323 678 6583 or visit barn doors online.

Double Barn Door Hardware to alleviate the look of your home

We all love living in the cosy inside of our home. In fact there’s a feeling of belongingness to where we live which makes us want to get inside our home, no matter where we are.

While we all want to make our home look the best, but at the same time we have our own set of inhibitions in trying out new things for our home. There are lot of factors that go into our mind before we set out to put up new things at our place like cost, durability, look and appeal etc.

Double Barn Door Hardware
Double Barn Door Hardware

But then there is one thing that can do it all for you which is double barn door hardware. If chosen carefully, you can renew the look of your home with the same double barn door hardware again and again. Below are some tips that will help you in achieving your home goals:

Rustic look

Double barn door hardware can create a rustic classic charm which can add an American appeal to your interiors. You can paint the doors white to add more class and elegance to the entry of your room.

Multiple places

You can use double barn door hardware at several places in your home like for the bathroom door, balcony, kitchen, bedroom etc because this door doesn’t take up much space and when you slide open it, you are still left with ample amount of space in the surrounding area.

Indoor décor

You can create dramatic look around your door with double barn door hardware. You can hang chimes, bells and even party buntings around the hardware to make your entry look like a scene from a cult movie.

Word it

You can use magnetic letters to create a message for yourself everyday on the double barn door hardware and be motivated all day long.  This will help you uplift your mood each time you look at it and can make you an inspiration for all the onlookers.

Minimalistic look

How about creating a minimalistic look with your double barn door hardware? Yes, you can do it. All you have to do is, chose the right kind of design that can go with the look of your home and yet help you look classy and fab. Choose the sleekest version of the hardware possible to make your whole home in go in a sync with the designs you choose.


You can draw things that appeal to your mood the most like hearts or stars or anything that you think is going to put a smile on your face when you look at it on the double barn door hardware. This will help you put your own kind of twist to the all time usual hardware.

It is you and your creativity that you can use in any and as many ways to create a beautiful look around the usual double barn door hardware. But in order to be creative around it, you need to choose a hardware that is sturdy and durable. Mostly double barn door hardware with these qualities is quite expensive, yet you can save the money if you choose to buy it from These guys have the best designs made by seasoned German designers and engineers at very reasonable prices, because they sell their double barn door hardware directly without any middle men involved in the process of selling. Check for yourself NOW.